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Model ER4200 - Electrical Resistance Probe 
with Packing Gland and Small Flush Element

Model ER4200 is a retractable, flush-mount, electrical resistance probe ideally suited for applications where the probe element needs to be flush with the wall of the pipe. A specially designed packing gland is used with the probe for insertion to or retraction from a pressurised system without a process shutdown. Standard packing material in the packing gland is Teflon, however, grafoil packing can be provided for high temperature applications. The probe is designed to mount into a 1" piping system, but can easily be adapted to fit your specific requirements. The probe consists of an insertion rod with an element, a hermetically sealed connector welded in place and a packing gland. The insertion length (I.L.) is calculated to the end of the element. Probe length can be specified by the customer. For standard probes, the maximum length is given in the chart below. Several standard elements are available to meet your specific needs. (Refer to the Element and Alloy Selection Chart for more information 

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