پمپ EM T 1 660x330 EM T


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ATEX Zone:
EMT series pumps are suitable to be used in a potential explosive atmosphere classified II2G and II3G

Typical applications:

• High corrosive liquids
• Toxic, noxious and carcinogenic liquids
• Hydrocarbons, pyrophorics and other flammables
• Heat transfer oils
• Refrigerants and cryogenics
• Radioactive liquids
• Handles up to 20% entrained gas, resists cavitation

Available materials of construction: AISI 316 L, HASTELLOY – C, TITANIUM

Industries served: Chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, paper mills, textile industry, food processing, sugar plants, dairies, electronics, water treatment plants, any hazardous chemical applications.


۵۰ HZ 60 HZ
Flow 0,2÷۷ m3/h 2,6÷۳۳ GPM
Max Head 85 mcl 314 ft
Temp -40°/+۱۶۰° C -40°/+۳۲۰° F
Mawp 25 BAR 360 PSI


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