ER6100 660x330 ER6100


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Model ER 6100 – Electrical Resistance Probe 
with Fixed Length Flange and Cylindrical Element

Model ER6100 is a fixed-insertion-length, flange-mounted, electrical resistance probe. The probe is ideally suited for use in high pressure and/or hazardous applications where threaded fittings are not available or not recommended. Process shutdown or process isolation is required to install and inspect. The all-welded construction allows the probe to be used in harsh environments. The probe assembly consists of an insertion rod with an element, a hermetically sealed connector, and a flange (as specified by customer), which are all welded in place. A mechanical seal can be added for additional safety. Several standard elements, lengths, and different flange sizes are available to meet your specific needs. (Refer to the Element and Alloy Selection Chart for more information

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