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Model ER 7300 – Electrical Resistance Probe

Retrievable Spiral Loop for
Two Inch High Pressure Access Systems

Model ER7300 spiral loop probe is retrievable, electrical resistance probe designed for use with two inch high pressure access systems. The element is a spiral wound strip encased in epoxy. This approach to element construction offers several advantages over other element geometries

• High intrinsic resistance – provides highly stable readings with low susceptibility to noise

• High element strength – allows use in very high flow rate regimes such as a gas transmission

• Wide spacing of element loops – minimizes the risk of iron sulphide scaling and bridging.

While the spiral loop probe is ideally suited to fast flowing, sour systems, its high stability makes it a suitable choice for oil and gas systems.


Insertion length (I.L.) is specified by the customer, using the formula:

I.L. = PD + WT + 1.75″

(where PD= Penetration depth, WT= Wall thickness).

 (Note: Formula valid for access fitting heights of 5.25″ (HP) and 5.5 (MH

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