هات تپ Hot Tap Tool

Hot Tap Tool

Hot Tap Tool
The Hot Tap Tool provides a safe and reliable method of hot tapping high pressure access fittings on presented pipelines or vessels
A Special cutter assembly is installed in the access fitting previously welded onto the pipe. To tap a hole through the pipe wall, a service valve is installed on to the fitting. This allows the cutter fitting to be isolated if necessary. The hot tap tool is mounted onto the service valve and mated to the cutter. The drive screw on the hot tap tool puts pressure onto the cutter as the tool shaft is rotated to cut through the pipe wall. After the hole is cut through the pipe wall, the tool is removed from the valve and the retrieval tool is then used to pull the cutter assembly and pipe plug from the fitting. Shavings and cuttings are removed using swabs or brushes. 
The hot tap procedure may be expedited by the use of an air operated drill motor to turn the cutter shaft. 
Safety is enhanced because the cutter is isolated from the atmosphere by a service valve. At any time in the procedure the cutter drive shaft may be retracted and the fitting and its contents isolated from the atmosphere by closing the service valve.
The hot tap tool is compatible with other major manufacturers access fitting assemblies.

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