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Two-inch System


Special Corrosion Coupons Standard Coupons
Pre-stressed Coupons: are used where sulfide stress corrosion cracking is a factor. Pre-stressed coupons come in two sizes: 6 inch for single coupon and 4 inch for the multiple type   6 Inch Strip Coupons: This coupon is used when a larger exposed area is required. The exposed surface areais73.5cm 2(11.4in 2). Dimensions 152 x 22 x 3.2mm (6inch x 0.875inch x 0.125inch). The coupon has two mounting holes  
Ladder Stripped Coupons: are designed for simultaneous corrosion monitoring at top, middle an bottom positions in a pipleine. Dimensions 51 x 22 x 32mm (2inch x 0.875inch x 0.125inch) with two mounting holes. The exposed surface area is 21cm 2 (8.27 in 2)  Inch Strip Coupons: 76.3 x 22 x 3.2mm (3inch x 0.875inch x 0.125inch) with two mounting holes and have an exposed surface area of 35.35 cm 2 (5.47 in2 )
Scale Coupons: are of the same size as the 3inch strip coupon, but has a series of holes of different size range. Scale usually forms on cavities, therefore it is likely to form on small sized holes Flush Disc Coupons: dia. 31.8 x 3.2mm (dia. 1.25inch x 0.125inch) are utilised where the coupons should not extend into the pipe or interfere with the media flow or pig passage. The exposed area is about 17cm 2 (2.6 in 2)
Residual Stress Coupons: are rectangular coupons similar to the 3inch strip coupons, but are deformed to create residual stress. This type of coupon stimulates any corrosion effect due to the residual stress present in combination with an embrittling environment Disc Coupons: Are utilised for stacked multiple phase monitoring when the line diameter is 6 inches or more. For piplines less than 6 inches it is recommended to use single disc. Dimensions dia. 31.8 x 3.2mm (dia. 1.25inch x 0.125inch). The exposed surface area is about 17cm 2 (2.6 in 2) 
Crevice Corrosion Coupons: are made from the standard Disc Coupon, dimensions 31.8 dia. x 3.2mm (1.25inch dia. x 0.125), with a nylon disc on each side held in position by a stainless steel screw  Rod Coupons: This is a rod protruding into the product flow. Standard rods are available in a size of 101.6 x dia. 6.35mm. (4inch x 0.25inch dia.). One end of the rod is threaded with 0.25inch UNC to screw the rod into the holder. The exposed area is about 21.09cm 2 (3.27in 2

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