MS0500 660x330 MS0500 E/R Corrosion Meter

MS0500 E/R Corrosion Meter

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MS0500 E/R Corrosion Meter

The MS0500 is a battery-powered, portable corrosion meter capable of interpreting all electrical resistance type corrosion probes. Combining a light weight of only 4 pounds with ease of operation, theMS0500 enables the operator to take readings from several different probe locations. The unit comes in a convenient leather carrying case. Corrosion rate measurements are made using the electrical resistance method. The electrical resistance method has a wide range of applications since it can be used in conductive or non-conductive environments including oil and gas. The unit measures the change in resistance of the probe element as metal loss occurs. The rate of change is directly proportional to the corrosion rate. The MS0500 has a permanently attached cable that the operator can simply connect to a probe and take the reading. A selector switch is provided on the unit’s display panel for indicating the probe element type to be read. All electrical resistance probe types can be used with this unit, including wire loop, tube loop, cylindrical, and flush mount probes.

Technical Specifications

 E/R Probe Configurations:

• Wire Loop … WIRE Probe verification … CHECK

• Tube Loop … TUBE Others (Flush, Strip, Loop, Etc.)… DUAL

• Cylindrical… SPEC

Dimensions with Leather Case:

•(Height:      ۴٫۴ inches (11.2 cm)

•Width:       ۹٫۰ inches (22.9 cm)

•Depth:        ۸٫۰ inches (20.3 cm)

Dimensions without Leather Case:

•Height:      ۳٫۰ inches (7.6 cm)

•Width:       ۵٫۰ inches (12.2 cm)

•Depth:       ۶٫۷۵ inches) (17.2 cm)

Intrinsic Safety:

•BASEEFA certified

•EEx ib [ia] IIB T2

•Equivalent to: North American Class 1 Division 1

• Zone 0 Temperature T2

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