Portable ultrasonic scanner 2 660x330 Portable ultrasonic scanner for corrosion inspection

Portable ultrasonic scanner for corrosion inspection

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Portable ultrasonic scanner for corrosion inspection

Portable ultrasonic scanner for corrosion inspection (Raqib model) manufactured by Pajvak Rayan Company (our partner), is a semi-automatic scanner for corrosion inspection and ultrasonic thickness measurement. This scanner is designed to scan all types of ferrous and non-ferrous pipes and tanks with a diameter of 50 mm (2 inches) and a thickness of 2 to 100 mm; Raqib is able to inspect corrosion, determine the amount of corrosion and measure their thickness.

The importance of monitoring and inspecting corrosion of oil, gas and petrochemical industry equipment

Tanks and pipes are important parts of oil, gas and petrochemical industry equipment. These equipment corrode over time due to the materials stored inside them. This corrosion occurs in the form of removal of metal from the inner wall of the equipment after contact with the fluid and reducing the thickness of the inner wall, which causes defects and breakage of the inner wall.

The lack of timely detection of corrosion and wall defects of these equipment causes leaks, failures or explosions and creates disastrous and often irreparable life, economic and environmental consequences.

Today, there have been increasing advances in non-destructive testing (NDT) inspection technologies, which improve the possibility of detecting corrosion and thickness measurement by inspecting equipment without causing damage. In addition to increasing the accuracy of fault finding, non-destructive inspection reduces the inspection cycle time of such tanks.

Undoubtedly, ultrasonic testing is one of the most useful non-destructive testing methods in identifying and diagnosing types of corrosion and thickness measurement of such tanks.

In this method, we will be able to perform thickness measurement and corrosion inspection by only accessing the outer surface and without the need to access the inner surface of the equipment.

Portable Ultrasonic Scanner for Corrosion Inspection (Ragheb Model) ) PUS (CI 110)

This scanner sends ultrasonic waves into the inner wall by accessing the outer wall of its storage equipment and transferring fluid through a portable mouse. Then, by receiving the return waves, it measures the thickness of the inner wall and the corrosion rate and displays the thickness profile in the form of A_Scan and B_Scan charts.

The user is aware of the rapid movement of the special scanner of this device, which is carried out with the help of magnetic wheels and its encoder on the surface of pipes and tanks; It can continuously observe the thickness of the wall in the form of digital numbers and color images. Hence, this system has a unique capability compared to conventional ultrasound thickness gauges that display the thickness as a point and are unable to display an image.

The use of the wheel and probe technique and the automatic and continuous keeping of the wheel surface wet during scanning has made this device unnecessary to use a coupling. Therefore, the user is able to test all surfaces, including pipe surfaces, elbows and bends.

Easy access to all parameters, settings of the device and its special software, the ability to calculate and display the exact position of internal corrosion and display color images of the top and side views of B&C scan and provide a 3D image of the test wall, among other features. This device is considered

The use of up-to-date and modern electronic elements, such as FPGA microprocessors with high processing speeds, has enabled this device to implement all kinds of optimal and up-to-date features of ultrasonic corrosion inspection devices.

This device is able to store all the information received from the test results and the resulting images and upload them offline or as an Excel output for their detailed review and analysis.

Using the dynamic gate to compensate for the fluctuations of the distance between the probe surface and the scanning surface and to access live and simultaneous point-to-point scanning results has minimized operator errors and placed the reliability of the test results at a high level.

In the B, C-Scan diagrams of this software, different thicknesses are displayed with different colors. In other words, each thickness level has its own color code that the thinning of the walls of pipes and tanks due to corrosion or erosion is easily recognized through the change of colors in the image.

Raqib has the ability to inspect corrosion and thickness measurement on surfaces with suitable coating (paint) and does not need to remove the coating. The high speed of the test due to the presence of magnetic wheels and no need for couplings and water are other interesting features of this system.

Advantages of handheld ultrasonic corrosion monitoring scanner

  • Thickness measurement and corrosion inspection of pipes and ferrous and non-ferrous base tanks by ultrasonic method
  • The safest inspection device, environmentally friendly and lower price than other corrosion detection methods
  • No need for internal wall surface
  • It has the ability to inspect the corrosion of the working equipment.
  • Displaying a complete and color image of the corrosion inside pipes and tanks in a C&B scan diagram and presenting a 3D image
    It has the ability to test pipes with a diameter of 50 mm (2 inches) and large tanks and flat surfaces in the thickness range of 2 to 100 mm.
  • High accuracy of detection of corrosion values (tenths to hundredths of millimeters)
  • No need for consumable parts such as corrosion coupons
  • Exclusive and special software with the ability to permanently record and store images obtained from corrosion
  • The ability to test parts at a height of up to 6 meters without the need for scaffolding using a special 4-meter polyamide lever
  • Very high corrosion and loss of thickness (POD) detection, due to sampling speed
  • Portable and light with very easy to use
  • Ability to work continuously with battery up to 6 hours
  • It has the ability to record and record information and the possibility of reporting and monitoring it offline and online
  • Delivery up to 4 months
  • The software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • It has 2 years unconditional warranty of electronic parts
  • 10 years after-sales service

Some applications:

  • Oil and gas network pipelines
  • Pipes of facilities inside refineries, power plants and petrochemicals from size 2 inches and above
  • Pressure tanks for storing corrosive fluids of power plants and refineries
  • CNG tanks for cars
  • Types of steam boilers
  • Types of elbow, three-way and four-way pipes
  • Steel, copper and aluminum pipes and fittings
  • Metal structures and columns in corrosive environments


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