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List of our services

We (Petro Parda Company) in addition to providing specialized parts, equipment and products of presented agencies, offer our services in the following fields:

  • Project design and engineering services
  • Commodity and parts supply services
  • Construction of projects
  • Contract management
  • Provide price estimates and cooperation with contractors for tenders
Project design and engineering services:

The company’s services in the field of detailed engineering in various engineering departments include electrical, instrumentation and control, mechanical, piping, process, safety, civil, structural and project control.

In addition, we have been specialized in the field of power system and power management system studies and have carried out numerous projects in this field.

Procurement and parts supply services:

The company’s services in supplying  of parts and equipment (in sections of electrical, instrumentation, mechanical, piping, safety,) include the following:

  • Supply of required goods in the field of oil, gas and petrochemicals and various industries  from reputable local and foreign manufacturers based on Vendor List
  • Partnership with contractors to supply all project goods
  • Import and supply of various components such as compressors, pumps and other industrial parts
  • All stages of supply of goods from commodity engineering, preparation of offers and evaluation, ordering goods, payment to manufacturers, inspection in different stages according to the request and standards, transportation and clearance and delivery
Construction of projects

According to the executive experiences of the managers of this company and in line with the relevant goals, this company has the grade in oil and gas and water & waste water. Also we do for larger projects through partner contractors as a joint venture in participating in projects. .

Top activities:

  • Consulting, design, construction, installation of water and sewage facilities
  • Design, construction, exacution of oil and gas transmission pipe lines and fadilities
  • Design, construction, installation of electrical, mechanical, piping, instrumentation and safety of various industries
  • Design, construction of buildings and structures
Contract management

The contract management of buildings, commercial and industrial projects is carried out by this company from the initial stages and monitoring of construction to final delivery to the clients.

In addition, Petroparda is ready to cooperate with all local and foreign manufacturers, contractors and suppliers in joint cases.

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