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شير سرويس و رتريور خوردگي 660x216 Two Inch System Retriever and Service Valve Kits

Two-Inch System Retriever and Service Valve Kits

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Two-Inch System Retriever and Service Valve Kits

The Retriever and Service Valve permit safe and simple removal of a range of monitoring probes and chemical injection devices whilst the pipeline or vessel is under operating pressure. The retrieval tool has been designed to operate on the principal of balancing the pressure acting on the internal surfaces of the tool so that no resultant force is applied to the retriever moving parts whilst the equipment is being operated.

Retriever tools are sized to accommodate different pipeline pressures and probe/device lengths. All the materials of construction comply with the requirements of NACE standard MR-01-75
Service Valves are lightweight, portable 2 inch ball valve type which interface the retriever to the Two Inch System Access Fitting. The valve also contains the line pressure whilst the Retriever and Access Fitting Plug Assembly are removed from the system.

Service Valves are supplied with two bleed valves. One valve bleeds to atmosphere, allowing pressure within the retriever/valve system to be released. The second valve bleeds pressure from the outlet (line) to the inlet (retriever) side of the valve. This makes operation of the valve quite easy, as the valve seats are not under load
Retriever and Service Valve Kits include a heavy duty carrying case, maintenance tools and spare seals. A comprehensive Operation and Maintenance Manual is also included. Seal and Repair Kits are available separately at a moderate cost
Operator training is minimal and is easily achieved once the basic principles of operation are understood. Training courses are available both on-site and
off-site as required.

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