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ER4100 660x330 ER4100


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Models ER 4100 and 4100 HT – Electrical Resistance Probe
 with Packing Gland and Cylindrical Element

Model ER4100 Electrical Resistance Probes are retractable and commonly used in high pressure and high temperature applications. The all-welded design allows the probe to be used in harsh environments. A specially designed packing gland is used with the probe for insertion into or retraction from a pressurized system without a process shutdown. The probe is designed to mount onto a 1″ piping system, but can easily be adapted to fit your specific requirements. The probe assembly consists of an insertion rod with an element, a hermetically sealed connector welded in place, and a packing gland. A safety cable and safety nut are also provided to prevent blowout. A velocity shield can be added to the assembly if required. Standard packing material in the packing gland is Teflon, however, grafoil packing can be provided for high temperature applications. Several standard elements and lengths are available to meet your specific needs. (Refer to the Element and Alloy Selection Chart for more information)

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