Corrosion Monitoring

• Design, Manufacture and Supply of 2-inch System High Pressure Access Fittings

• Design, Manufacture and Supply of Corrosion Monitoring Systems for all environments

• Design, Manufacture and Supply of Microbiologically Induced Corrosion monitoring Systems

• Installation and Commissioning of Corrosion/MIC Monitoring Systems

• Maintenance of Corrosion/MIC Monitoring Systems

• Training Programs – In-house or on-site

All items are compatible with other companies such as Cosasco, Caproco, Metal Sample, …

Hot Tap Tool

هات تپ 194x165 Hot Tap Tool

Hot Tap Tool The Hot Tap Tool provides a safe and reliable method of hot tapping high pressure access fittings on presented pipelines or vessels OPERATION  A Special cutter assembly is installed in the access fitting previously welded onto the pipe. To tap a hole through the pipe wall, a …

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Two-Inch System Accessories

protective cover 310x165 Two Inch System Accessories

Two-Inch System Accessories PROTECTIVE COVERS    Description Application Cover with 0.5 inch NPT Hole Continuous Monitoring with pressure retaining seal and 0.5 inch NPT hole for permanent probe adaptor Cover with Hole Continuous Monitoring Cover without Hole Intermittent Monitoring – Chemical Injection Cover without Hole  Intermittent Monitoring Cover and Bleed Valve Provides …

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Corrosion monitoring items list

روشهاي پایش خوردگی یا روش تشخيص ميزان خوردگي 310x165 Corrosion monitoring items list


 Design, Manufacture and Supply of 2-inch System High Pressure Access Fittings •

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