MS3500E MS3500E corrosion data logger and transmitter

MS3500E corrosion data logger and transmitter

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MS3500E corrosion data logger and transmitter

The MS3500E is a completely self-contained data logger for electrical resistance type probes. TheMS3500E can be installed directly onto any type of electrical resistance probe and, once in place, will automatically read the probe at preselected time intervals and store the resulting data in the units internal memory. The internal memory will collect up to 3000 data points before data download as required. The data collection interval is programmable in hourly increments. Even at the minimum data collection interval (1 hour), data downloading need only be performed every eighty days. With more practical data collection intervals (8-12 hours), the unit may be unattended for as long as 6-8 months between downloading operations. The internal battery is capable of supplying the power requirements needed for months of continuous operation. The unit also has an auxiliary battery backup to prevent the loss of data in the event of main battery failure


The MS3500E has a unique optical, infrared, RS232 communication link that is used to download the stored data either to an MS1500E portable E/R data logger or a laptop PC (IBM compatible). The optimal communication link is an integral part of the intrinsically safe design of the unit. Because the signal is optical and not electrical, it permits the unit to download data in hazardous areas without removing the instrument. Once the data is downloaded, it may be analyzed, reviewed, or reported by conventional spreadsheet, data base, or mathematical software packages.


Another unique feature of the MS3500E is the high level of internal intelligence. The two-line, 20-character LCD allows visual review of all historical data in memory and reads directly as “Total Metal Loss” and/or “Average Corrosion Rate”. The LCD screen, together with the two-key membrane keypad, provides a user friendly, interactive, prompting system that is used for both system setup and data review. This makes the MS3500E the most advanced unit of its type on the market


The MS3500E comes in a NEMA 4X (IP 65) enclosure. An optional feature of the unit is the addition of a 4-20 mA continuous output transmitter


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